Psychiatric Times, April 29, 2017 By Lauren M. Osborne, MD, Katherine McEvoy, MB ChB, and Jennifer L. Payne, MD Original Article’s URL: Dear authors, you mention that psychotherapy, yoga, acupuncture are “evidence-based nonpharmacological treatments” for mood disorders during pregnancy. I wonder if you can reference any study of these 3 […]

Doug Berger, psychiatrist in Tokyo comments on: “Antidepressants in Pregnancy: ... Dr. King, regarding acupuncture, perhaps you can comment on this article: Research Casts Doubt on the Value of Acupuncture, Scientific studies show that the procedure is full of holes, Scientific American, August 2016 The article makes these statements below, and it seems to me that because of the […]

Dr. Douglas Berger Psychiatrist Tokyo’s response to THE QUIZ: Headaches: ...