Psychiatric Times, April 29, 2017 By Lauren M. Osborne, MD, Katherine McEvoy, MB ChB, and Jennifer L. Payne, MD Original Article’s URL: Dear authors, you mention that psychotherapy, yoga, acupuncture are “evidence-based nonpharmacological treatments” for mood disorders during pregnancy. I wonder if you can reference any study of these 3 […]

Doug Berger, psychiatrist in Tokyo comments on: “Antidepressants in Pregnancy: ...

The most commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs are antidepressants. They treat depression and anxiety. The first ones, isoniazid and iproniazid, were discovered by accident. They were developed after the Second World War by a Swiss pharmaceutical company (from leftover German V2 rocket fuel!) as tuberculosis treatments. Some tubercular patients taking the drugs became energetic and even rowdy, […]

The fascinating history of antidepressants.

Possibly the strongest hybrid silk fibers yet have been created by scientists using all renewable resources. Combining spider silk proteins with nanocellulose from wood, the process offers a low-cost and scalable way to make bioactive materials for a wide range of medical uses. Read Entire Article:

A fascinating article about the amazing properties of artificial spider ...