Monthly Archives: July 2017 Dr. Drescher’s model of complex feelings regarding sexual orientation is mainly based on psychological and social factors. His discussion is not wrong, but it seems hard to me to write an article about this topic without noting the basic genetic concepts of genotype vs phenotype and rare type vs […]

Douglas Berger’s response to ““Doctor, Am I Gay?” A Primer ... Ron, I like your logic here and I agree with your conclusions. However, you penned this article on the assumption that psychiatric nosology is a validated classification, and that a diagnosis would be known to a psychiatrist if they could directly examine a patient. I think you well aware […]

An interesting letter regarding DSM classifications.

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Douglas Berger Psychiatrist Tokyo, writes a Letter to the Editor in Psychiatric Times (date unknown) In their article “Are Placebo Controls Ethical in Antidepressant Clinical Trials?” (Psychiatric Times April 2000) Khan and Khan state that the FDA’s double-blind placebo controlled trial requirement for new antidepressant approval is not necessary in […]

Douglas Berger Psychiatrist Tokyo, Letter to the Editor in Psychiatric ...

Doug Berger*, Douglas Eames, Pablo Prados-Ruano Meguro Counseling Center, Tokyo, Japan Received 3 April 2008; accepted 9 April 2008 Abstract This paper describes the current state of mental health care for Western expatriates in Tokyo, Japan. Types of therapists, patient demographics, illness breakdown, and psychiatric medications in Japan are discussed […]

Mental health care of Western expatriates in Tokyo