Psychiatric Times February 27, 2017 (originally published) Drs Lofchy and Fage write a nice article on violent patients. They rightly note that, “The risk of violence in psychiatric practice is a frightening aspect of our work”. The problem is that few of the many articles like this ever talk about […]

Douglas Berger Tokyo Psychiatrist repsonse to “Practical Tips for Managing ... The logic of some key points of this article on complex bereavement (PCBD) has some serious problems, and I beg the senior author Dr. Bui of Harvard to reply. In the “Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder” section the authors state that PCBD, “has been shown to be distinct from mood, […]

Douglas Berger Tokoyo Psychiatrist Responds to “Bereavement, Grief, and Depression: ...

Referenced article originally published October 26, 2016 in the Psychiatric Times: Dr. de Leon It is refreshing to read about a seasoned clinician backtracking on mistaken prior conclusions. I would opine to go further in limiting the need or utility of these tests. For example, you want to do CYP2D6 […]

Dr. Douglas Berger Tokyo Psychiatrist’s letter to Dr. de Leon ...

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Original article published, October 07, 2016 in The Psychiatric Times: Thank you, Ron, for your thorough reply that I largely agree with. First though, let’s be clear, your article was on psychiatric diagnosis in INDIVIDUALS not on the validity of the existence of psychiatric diagnoses in the population. You […]

Dr. Douglas Berger’s (unpublished) response to “Deconstructing and Reconstructing the ...

‘Why the “You” in an Afterlife Wouldn’t Really Be You’ Shermer states that a copy of your memories is no different than your twin but twins never had the same memories to begin with. If one’s genes and connectomes could be exactly copied and functional then there would be […]

Scientific American Letter to the Editors, “Who Are You?”, July ... The answer to Dr. Phelps’ “what are we waiting for” is a large prospective study of Alzheimer’s patients with a long-term follow up (the studies linked in his comment below are not this kind of study). The study Dr. Phelps is excited about only had 55 persons in each […]

Dr. Douglas Berger’s response to “Lithium for Alzheimer Prevention: What ...

Dr. Kelly, You state that Amber lens therapy “works” for [bipolar spectrum] disorder. Can you provide the readers with a confirmatory double-blind placebo-controlled study to back this claim? The only article I could find was this preliminary case series If there is only a preliminary case series, and if […]

A Letter to Dr. Kelly From Dr. Douglas Berger Regarding ... Dr. Drescher’s model of complex feelings regarding sexual orientation is mainly based on psychological and social factors. His discussion is not wrong, but it seems hard to me to write an article about this topic without noting the basic genetic concepts of genotype vs phenotype and rare type vs […]

Douglas Berger’s response to ““Doctor, Am I Gay?” A Primer ... Ron, I like your logic here and I agree with your conclusions. However, you penned this article on the assumption that psychiatric nosology is a validated classification, and that a diagnosis would be known to a psychiatrist if they could directly examine a patient. I think you well aware […]

An interesting letter regarding DSM classifications.